Ang Lee Hulk Movie (2003) - Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Josh Lucas, Sam Elliott
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The Hulk



Release Date (USA):Jun 20, 2003

Cast & Crew:Eric Bana (Bruce Banner), Jennifer Connelly (Betty Ross), Sam Elliott (Thunderbolt Ross), Josh Lucas (Glenn Talbot), Nick Nolte (David Banner). Director: Ang Lee.

Synopsis:David Banner is a scientist working for the US Department of Defense doing research on self-healing factors. David discovers how to enhance the human body, but the Base's commanding officer, Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross, feels it is too soon to test his experiments on humans. So David tries them on himself with good results, but keeps quiet.

Some time later, David's wife, Edith, tells David that she was expecting a baby. David didn't like the news because he feared his son would inherit his altered genetic structure. They newborn son is named Bruce and David fears prove true. He confirms that Bruce can heal inhumanly rapidly and that when angered, his skin showed a green tone.

David decides to find a cure for his son, but Ross discovers that David was trying his experiments on humans, and fires him. In retaliation, David blows up the lab and decides to kill his own son, who calls a "monster," using a knife. Edith tries to save her son, and David accidentally stabs her, causing her death. Bruce witnesses all. Ross' troops reach the Banner residence seconds later, and arrest David who is sentenced to 30 years in prison. Bruce buries the traumatic event as a repressed memory.

Bruce grew up at his aunt's home, and went on to become a great scientist like his father. Some time later, he meets Betty Ross, a college who coincidentally was General Ross' daughter. They dated for a time but due to Bruce's psychological problems dealing with emotions, they broke up. Nevertheless, Bruce and Betty continued working together doing research on healing factors, like Bruce father did.

Bruce developed the Nanomeds, molecular-sized robots created to dwell inside living beings, and heal wounds. The Nanomeds would be dormant until exposed to gamma radiation. When testing the Nanomeds on frogs, they could see that wounds would heal rapidly but then the frogs would grow and explode.

During a routine test, the gamma ray machine malfunctioned, Banner and Harper, a co-worker, were in next to it. To save Harper, Banner gave him the only mask, and blocked the Gamma rays with his body. Banner absorbs a high dose of Nanomeds and Gamma rays, passes out but miraculously does not perish. The Nanomeds even fix his "bad" knee. Bruce was feeling better than ever.

One night while still staying at the hospital, Bruce is visited by the janitor who confesses to be his father. David tells him a lot of things about his past, referring to something grand that was inside of him. Bruce rushes the man out, and goes to his lab to study samples of his blood. Confused about his findings, and what his father had disclosed, he became agitated and turned into a large green-skin monster, the Hulk!

The Hulk destroys most of the lab and finds David in a corner. David caresses his son on the cheek but when Hulk remembers who the man was, gets angry and leaps away.

The following day, Betty goes to Bruce's house and finds him lying on his bed, only wearing a pair of torn purple pants (like in the comics). While they were speaking, General Ross and his men show up suspecting that Bruce was involved in the lab incident. Ross feared that Bruce was a monster like David, orders his daughter to stay away from Bruce, to Bruce to stay away from her, and confines him to his house under heavy surveillance.

Betty visits David to speak about Bruce. After argueing, David kicks her out of his house.

That night, David calls Bruce to tell him that he sent some friends of visit Betty; he was referring to his three dogs that he turned into monsters using gamma rays. Glenn Talbot arrives at Bruce's, demanding to reveal his work to him. Bruce turns into the Hulk, throws Talbot to the air, and escapes.

Betty was staying at her mountain cabin, goes out after hearing some noises and finds Hulk who she (incredibly) recognizes as being Bruce. Suddenly, the three gamma-spawned moster dogs show up. Betty locks herself in her dark red Toyota SUV as the Hulk fights and kills the dogs.

Tired, Hulk turns into Bruce Banner who collapses on Betty's lap. Very scared, Betty asks her father for help, troops arrive and put Banner to sleep with a tranquilizer dart.

Banner is kept sedated for days until Betty convinces her father to let her find a cure. She thinks Bruce repressed memories are the key and takes Bruce to his childhood house in Desert Base. Bruce almost loses control.

Meanwhile, David enters Bruce's lab, absorbs Nanomeds, and Gamma radiation, acquiring powers (similar to those of the Absorbing Man from the comics).

Glenn Talbot, covered in bands and bruises, visits Bruce and hits him trying to cause the metamorphosis; he wants to take a sample of Hulk's blood. But Bruce is knocked out. Finally, Talbot puts Bruce inside a chamber and hits him with electrical shocks causing the transformation. Hulk exits the chamber and tries to escape through the corridors. Talbot tries to get a blood sample but perishes in an explosion. Unable to defeat the monster, Ross decides to open the gates and hunt the Hulk outside. Hulk destroys helicopters and tanks, and leaps all the way to San Francisco, stopping at the Golden Gate bridge. Attacked by jet planes, Hulk jumps on one of them which flies out of orbit. Hulk passes out due to lack of oxygen and falls on the water, where he regains conscience. To avoid the bombs, Hulk escapes through a tunnel que excavates and appears in a San Francisco neighborhood.

Aware of the situation, Betty convinces her father to take her to where the Hulk was, and she is able to calm him down.

Once more under the Armed Forces control, Bruce is let to have a last conversation with David in a seclude place under their supervision. David tells him that he wants his real son, the Hulk, absorbs energy by biting a high voltage and brings the Hulk with him. While battling in the desert, David absorbs the Hulk's strength and turns into a large mushroom cloud. Ross orders to drop a small atomic bomb on them, the blast seemingly kills them.

A year later, Ross calls Betty to ask her if she had seen Bruce again, because he heard rumors of a loose green monster.

In a distant place in the middle of a jungle, Bruce Banner is providing medicine to a Hispanic man. An armed group of men arrives to threaten Bruce, who tells them (in Spanish) that they wouldn't like him when he's angry. Seconds later, the Hulk's roar is heard in the rain forest.
Comments:The first Hulk movie for the silver screen. Cameos by Stan Lee (the Hulk's co-creator) and Lou Ferrigno (played the Hulk in the 70s TV series).

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