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Interesting Facts about The Incredible Hulk

Note: sorted alphabetically.

A Hulk Clone

TIH2 #448
TIH2 #448: From cell scrapings of the Hulk, the Pantheon created a brainless clone of the Hulk, and killed it in front of cameras (by shooting three bullets straight to the brain through the eye using a powerful hand gun). The clone was then sent to the government for ID purposes. The Pantheon's plan was to make the US Government believe that the Hulk was dead while bring the Hulk back to their team, giving him a low profile so his existence was not revealed. However, the Hulk refused the proposition. 

Banner Tries to Kill the Hulk

TIH2 #317: After being separated physically from the Hulk by Doc Samson, Bruce Banner created and lead the Hulkbusters with the intention of ridding the planet of the Hulk's existence. The Hulkbusters had little success in the process and disbanded after Banner and the Hulk were merged again.

Bruce Banner and The Hulk are Split into Two Separate Beings

TIH2 #130: Using his Gammatron device, gamma ray expert Raoul Stoddard is able to split Bruce Banner and the Hulk into two separate beings (the formidable equipment could isolate the part of Banner that became the Hulk.)  Later and after modifying the Gammatron, the Hulk and Banner are merged together with a new blast (TIH #131).

TIH2 #315: Using a nutrient bath in a tank of his invention, Doc Samson is able to separate Bruce Banner and the Hulk physically. Such separation, however, was killing Banner and the Hulk. To save Banner, the Vision manages to merge Banner and the Hulk again (TIH #323).

OMU #1: After the Hulk cracked Onslaught's armor, the reality-bending powers of the villain separated Bruce Banner and the Hulk physically. Banner and the Hulk merged again when Banner returned from Counter-Earth.

Bruce Banner Dies

TTA #68: A soldier shoots the Hulk in the head as he was reverting back to Bruce Banner. Rick Jones finds Banner dead on the floor and takes him to Banner's secret lab. Rick revived Banner with a dose of Gamma rays that caused him to transform back to the Hulk.

TIH2 #110
TIH2 #110: Bruce Banner dies after being exposed for a long time to radiation emitted by alien machinery. Banner is later revived by the aliens (servants of the Galaxy Master) with a device of their own.

TIH2 #225: Bruce Banner dies after receiving a high voltage electric shock. Doc Samson revives Banner by turning him into the Hulk with a dose of Gamma rays.

Bruce Banner Has A Double

TIH2 #158: Banner (like many others) has a double in Counter-Earth, a planet created by the High Evolutionary. In Counter-Earth, Banner is married to Betty Ross  and they have a son whose name is Robert (they call him "Bobbie"). Hulk got very nervous when he saw the Banner from Counter-Earth but calmed down when he met Bobbie.

Bruce Banner In Control Of The Hulk's Form

TIH1 #4: Rick Jones bombards Bruce Banner to turn him into the Hulk. As an unexpected side effect, Banner keeps control of the Hulk's form. This was the very first time, but Banner has been able to control the Hulk's form on several other occasions.

TIH2 #140: Trola, Holi, and Moli, wizards from planet K'ai (the microscopic world of Jarella), use their magic to allow Bruce Banner to be in control of the Hulk's form. Banner looses control after being transported back to Earth by Psyklop.

TIH2 #200: Bruce Banner controls the Hulk's form using the Encephalo-Helmet designed by Doc Samson. Banner lost control of the Hulk when the helmet broke. Note: A similar helmet was tried later (in TIH #226) but proved unsuccessful in controlling the Hulk's form.

TIH2 #272
TIH2 #272: Thanks to several treatments with Gamma radiation, Bruce Banner gained control over the Hulk's form. Thus, the Banner Hulk persona (or incarnation) emerged. Banner eventually lost control over the Hulk, in part due to nightmares created by Nightmare.

Bruce Banner is Cured!

TIH2 #223: While enraged, the Hulk reverts back to a green-skinned Banner. After realizing this, Banner lights up burning all of his gamma energy. His skin color is back to normal and he's not able to turn into the Hulk even under periods of great stress and anger. Soon after, however, Doc Samson bathed Banner with gamma rays to save his life (TIH #225), which brought back the Hulk.

TIH2 #250: The Silver Surfer purges the gamma radiation from the cells of Bruce Banner, curing him from becoming the Hulk. In exchange, the Surfer asks Banner to help him break the Galactus barrier around the Earth that traps the Surfer on this planet. Banner helps the Surfer with a gamma ray infuser the Surfer builds for him. When the device is damaged by the townspeople, Banner is bathed with a massive dose of gamma radiation and becomes the Hulk once again!

TIH2 #259: Sergei The Presence sets a mind blockage in Bruce Banner's mind to prevent his transformation into the Hulk. Soon after, Sergei retracts the blockage because he needs the Hulk's help to defeat his enemy Professor Phobos.

Bruce Banner Tries To Commit Suicide

TTA #90: To rid the world of the menace of the Hulk, Bruce Banner decides to kill himself by getting a fatal overdose with the gamma ray machine he invented. The M.P.s find him and trap him before he can use the machine on himself.

TIH2 #313: While at the Crossroads, and wishing to be dead rather than the Hulk again, Bruce Banner throws himself off a precipice. However, he ends up turning into the Hulk, shouting "I can't even kill myself! I can't even die!"

TIH2 #467
TIH2 #467: Blaming himself for his wife Betty Ross-Banner's death, Bruce Banner tried several times to kill himself. First, by using an empty hypodermic but he was stopped by a doctor. Second, he jumped off the top of the Empire State Building but landed as the Hulk. Later, and using black magic, Banner called Mephisto to drag him off to hell but the demon laughed saying that Banner's torment on Earth was too much fun to watch and he desisted. Etc. It was later revealed that the Abomination was responsible for Betty's death after a transfusion of his poisoned blood.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk Smoking

TIH2 #465: Unusually for him, Bruce Banner is shown smoking a cigar while playing poker for money, with Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Doc Samson, and Thunderbolt Ross.

TIH2 #410: The Professor Hulk is smoking a pipe as he watches Susan Jacobson on a monitor screen. Susan was his first serious romance during college. She was locked up by SHIELD, convicted of espionage.

The Hulk Becomes a Ruler

TIH3 #102: The Hulk becomes the king of planet Sakaar after defeating the tyrant Red King. The Hulk had chosen Caiera as his wife, thus making her the planet's queen. The Hulk was regarded as "the Green King". Unfortunatelly, the Hulk's ruling only lasted for three days: An blast of atomic bomb proportions destroyed Crown City and killed most of the population, including Caiera and her unborn child.

The Hulk was made to believe that the Illuminati were responsible for the blast and with his Warbound, he departed for Earth in search of revenge.

Previously, the Hulk almost became the king of K'ai city in a microverse planet when he was to marry queen Jarella (The Incredible Hulk #140). But Psyklop caught and brought the Hulk back to Earth before he could marry her.

The Hulk Becomes a Slave

TIH2 #302: While in the Crossroads, the Hulk enters a deserted world attracted by the visions of a green-skinned maiden whose tears produce flowers. In such a world, the Hulk's great strength was somehow cancelled, thus he was easily defeated by Maktu (the leader of the Iron Knights from the City of Death), locked in shackles the Hulk could not break, and finally made a slave. The aliens called the Hulk "Garaman" which means demon or gargoyle in their language.

TIH3 #92: Right after passing through the interdimensional portal that brought him to planet Sakaar, the Hulk is captured and sold as a slave to fight in the great arena and amuse the Red King and his people. The price paid for the Hulk was 60 silver squares.

The Hulk Bleeds

TTA #65
TTA #65: The Hulk is touched in the shoulder by the beam of the Vaporizer, a powerful Soviet weapon; as a consequence, his shoulder is wounded, and bleeds.

TIH2 #151: Morton Clegstead turns into an ooze monster and fights the Hulk. The sole touch of the monster burned the Hulk's skin and made him bleed.

TIH2 #245: With a sharp golden blade from the hand of the Super Mandroid armor, Glenn Talbot is able to cut the Hulk's forehead.

TIH2 #308: The Hulk is badly hurt by N'Garai Demons who are able to cut the Hulk's skin with their claws with ease.

TIH2 #340: Wolverine and other characters with Adamantium claws or swords (like Piecemeal and Speedfreak), can cut through the Hulk's skin. Example: When Wolverine fought the Gray Hulk in a snowy forest and when Peacemeal stuck his claws in the Professor's chest. Starting with Peter David, many stories were written where the Hulk bleeds or is badly hurt.

TIH3 #92: The Hulk bleeds and is badly hurt MANY times during the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk sagas by writer Greg Pak.

The Hulk Can Come Back From Death

TIH2 #460
TIH2 #460: The Maestro explains Bruce Banner that given enough time, "they" (Banner and the Hulk) can return even from death. Banner claims that the Maestro's statement is not credible. The Maestro replies "Of course. What part of Incredible don't you get?" (info contributed by Arnel Uy) - View Image

The Hulk Can Fly

TIH1 #3: The Hulk rescues Rick Jones from the Army and flies away. Perhaps the cosmic rays that bathed him earlier aboard the rocket gave him the ability to fly. This largely unknown Hulk power wore off soon after, probably due to further exposures to gamma rays. Hulk has not been able to fly ever since.

The Hulk Cries

TIH2 #156: The Hulk sheds a tear after he departs from the microscopic world where he met and fell in love with Jarella.

TIH2 #205: Tears fall on the Hulk's cheeks when he realizes that his loved Jarella has passed away in his arms.

TIH2 #217: Fearing that he is going to lose Meriam like he recently lost Jarella, the Hulk sheds tears pleading that the girl "be alright again".

TIH2 #256: Tears of anger fall from the Hulk's eyes as he's telling Sabra "Boy died because boy's people and yours want to own land! Boy died because you wouldn't share! Boy died because of the old books that say his people and yours must fight and kill for land!" The Hulk refers to the Promised Land, the Arabs and the Jews.

The Hulk Dies

FI #2
FI #2: The Hulk (as the Maestro) is killed by the same G-bomb (the gamma bomb) that made Bruce Banner turn into the Hulk for the first time.

D1 #67: Ollerus wants to replace Hela as the god of death and needs a large and powerful army of souls to defeat her. Using his magical sceptre, Ollerus causes the death of the Hulk with a heart attack, and adds the Hulk to his troops.

TIH2 #422: While in Asgard, the Hulk and Agamemnon are eaten alive by Hoarfen, the giant wolf of the Frost Giants. Convinced by Agamemnon, Hela lets him and the Hulk leave Niffelheim (thus reviving them, Incredible Hulk #423).

The Hulk Fights The Hulk (?!)

TIH2 #156: When Bruce Banner was in full control of the Hulk's form in the microscopic world of Jarella, Lord Visis used a device that brought Banner's greatest fear to life: the "savage" Hulk. The two Hulks fought until the wizards from K'ai removed the control Banner had over the Hulk, turning him into the savage Hulk, after which the replicate disappeared.

TIH2 #453: The Hulk fights a version of himself that has long hair and is from an alternate reality. The second Hulk was brought to this reality because the original Hulk is a walking nexus of reality after his involvement with Onslaught (which separated Bruce Banner from the Hulk).

The Hulk is Psychoanalized

TIH2 #227: Dr. Leonard "Doc" Samson analyzes the Hulk several times to study his fragmented psyche and try finding a cure at the psychological level. The first time, Doc Samson injected a calibrated dose of gamma epinephrine in Bruce Banner to trigger the transformation into a calm, relaxed Hulk he could work with. Then, Doc Samson placed a headset called rem-integrator in the Hulk's head and with alpha waves, the Hulk was put into a deep, dreaming sleep.

The Hulk Uses Weapons

TIH2 #390: The Professor Hulk used large Pantheon machine guns to cut through the Trans-Sabal troops, armed with SHIELD equipment. He certainly didn't need them.

The Hulk Wears Glasses

TIH2 #421: The Professor Hulk sometimes wore glasses. The Hulk Library Contributor Allan MacKinnon has the following explanation of why the Hulk needs to wear them: "I have read that people who have multiple personalities can exhibit physical conditions (like diabetes) that the person does not normally have but are associated to a single personality. This may be the case with the Professor Hulk where the condition of far-sightedness is induced in this Hulk personna which requires him to wear glasses when reading."

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