Incredible Hulk Feats of Strength
This page has information and drawings about Incredible Hulk interesting facts
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Interesting Facts about The Incredible Hulk

Note: sorted alphabetically.

Breaks a Mystical Chain

TIH2 #308
TIH2 #308: The Hulk breaks the sorcerous shackles that sealed the portal to the Puffball Collectible's world which were practically unbreakable.

Defeats Mephisto

TIH2 #417: Mephisto appears at Rick Jones and Marlo Chandler's wedding, asking for her soul. The Hulk interferes and is challenged by Mephisto, who needs soldiers for the "coming storm" and agrees to trade Marlo's soul for the Hulk's. Being near holy ground makes Mephisto weak. The Hulk punches Mephisto, who goes through the wall of flame. Hulk follows, grabs Mephisto and throws him into the flaming fountain he came from.

Hurling Things Away

HVFFF #1: Hulk hurls Fing Fang Foom from Antarctica to the Moon (!)

Moved a Planet's Plates

TIH3 #102: The Hulk saved planet Sakaar from destruction by holding the cracked plates and pulling them together. The plates were cracked by forces unleashed by the Red King.

Resistance to High Voltage

TIHA #5: The Hulk takes a blast of a billion volts of lightning without going down. (info contributed by John Cimino)

SW #9: The Hulk survives a cosmic blast from Galactus and is only dazed. (info contributed by John Cimino)

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