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About The Incredible Hulk Website


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The Incredible Hulk Library ( is a fan made and maintained website with a vast amount of information and images from the comics and the movies about Marvel Comics' the Incredible Hulk.

The site went live in June of 1997. It is the oldest Incredible Hulk unofficial website there is, as well as one of the very oldest comics related fan sites on the Internet.

Creator, Webmaster, Site Manager

Hi, my name is Julio Molina-Muscara, I am an IT Professional, an artist and a comics lover, and in 1997 I created The Incredible Hulk Library website.

A Little History

The Incredible Hulk Library started as "El Increíble Hulk". It was a medium size website written in Spanish. It did not have a domain name of its own. It was hosted free of charge at Geocities, a defunct web hosting company (that was later bought by Yahoo!).

Back in those days, the Hulk site was static (content was fixed): All pages were written in plain HTML with a little Javascript. Nothing fanzy. My editor program was Notepad...

Visitors accessed the site using dial-up modems. It seems funny and bizarre now. Perhaps some of you may have never seen such a modem. But it was the norm back then.

Fast forward to today: The site is dynamic (content is shown based on conditions). It is a powerful web application built using Microsoft's NET technology that stores content in a relational database.

Revisions, Revisions and More Revisions

Like with the Hulk, the name of the game with The Incredible Hulk Library is "change".

Since its first version, the site has been redesigned (sometimes completely) a dozen times. A few of those redesigns never made it live. The latest site version is this one, #12. The Hulk site "dressed" in it in 2014.


At the beginning, everything on the site was written by me, me and me. Hulk's world is as vast as his strength. Not a decade passed when I realized I could not do it all on my own. So I invited fellow comics fans to give me a hand. And to recognize their efforts, I grant them access to special sections of the site.

Fortunately, many answered the call. Lots wrote hundreds of missing comic book synopses. Others cartoon synopses. A few sent fan fiction. And a large group, fan artwork.

Thanks to that pouring of creativity and talent, the Hulk site grew quickly becoming richer, and better. It was a group effort, a "Wiki" of sorts, when there was little or nothing like that yet.

> Full list of contributors and their credits

Librarian Partners

As time went by, the number of Contributors (as I called them) decreased. Today, only a very small but select group of Contributors remains.

In appreciation for their longevity with the sites and their vast work, I created superhero websites for them. They are the website's Site Managers.

I am referring about Peter Silvestro, site manager of, and, and Rob Johnson, site manager of

We are Librarian Partners. And we have some very interesting plans for the Library sites in the immediate future. Stay tuned.

~ Julio Molina-Muscara

Main Website Sections

  • Comics Library
    Vast resource about practically every Incredible Hulk comic ever published by Marvel comics in the USA. There is detailed information about each comic including basic data like titles, publishing dates and credits, and more specific data like ratings, credits, comments, and (in most cases) a detailed synopsis. Covers are shown for each comic. Alternate covers and interior pages for some and where applicable. The Comics Library is a helpful reference for all comic book readers, and collectors.

  • Image Galleries
    Cool Incredible Hulk related images including HD wallpapers, pin-ups (poster like drawings), comic book covers, movie photos, fan artwork, and Incredible Hulk original artwork for sale.

Use the top menu, the side buttons and other links throughout the site to access all of the pages in the site.

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