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The Marvel Universe Ends: What Is There for the Hulk?

Posted on January 24, 2015
On January 20, 2015, Marvel's Alex Alonso (Editor-in-Chief), and Tom Brevoort (Executive Editor) announced that the end of the classic Marvel Universe (or Marvel 616), and the Ultimate Universe, is to happen on May 2015

Is that the end of what Stan Lee and his peers started to create in the early 60s? Or is it a new beginning? Fortunately, it is the later, folks.

But before that end-of-times of sorts occurs, heroes from both universes will try stopping it... And fail, somewhat. As a result, whatever is left of the universes will form a new world called Battleworld, a merging of lands from different timelines, with characters old and new. 

Such will all boil down in a mega event called Secret Wars. Marvel is using the very same name of the original event from 30 years ago (*1985, mathematician Julio). Avengers (2012 series) #44 and New Avengers (2013 series) #33 will introduce this event to readers, followed by Secret Wars (2015 series) #0 (coming out on Free Comic Book Day), and finally Secret Wars #1. 

Speaking of, Secret Wars #1 may very well be one of the most sold out comics of all time. And that's the idea, no?

This Ragnarok event should not cause any mature reader to pull their hairs in desperation. No, no. It is an acceptance lesson that in order to survive, one must change, adapt, and grow. And Marvel Comics is no exception. 

Now, will that creativitity earthwake work, enhancing things? Or will it ruin it all? Nobody knows. But Marvel, I and many of you truly hope this new start will be worth it. 

As per the Hulk, what is to happen to him? Will he die? No. He survives in the Maestro. The tyrant Hulk from the future will be brought back in full force, commanding his land Dystopia. But that's not all: There will also be a land that's full of Hulks. Will the classic Savage Hulk be among them? Where will the seed of them all, Robert Bruce Banner, be? These questions will get answered as issues come out.

In my opinion, Battleword is a mess. I don't know how Marvel can pull it out nicely. But I have to credit Marvel as The best comic book company in the world, in my opinion. So I am sure that *some* of Secret Wars / Battleworld and whatever comes next will be excellent. I hope the Hulk is part of that.



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