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Artist Herb Trimpe Has Passed Away

Posted on April 13, 2015
With sadness and watered eyes, I report that American artist Herbert "Herb" Trimpe has passed away at the age of 75. 

Herb had a very lengthy run in the Incredible Hulk comic from the late 60s to the mid 70s. 

He started as an inker in 1967 (in Tales to Astonish #94), but became the Hulk penciler soon after with Incredible Hulk #107

Herb drew more than 100 Hulk related stories in the pages of "Incredible Hulk", Hulk annuals, and The Defenders, definitely one of the longest runs in the character's history.

Trimpe's most famous comic is Incredible Hulk #181 (1974) where Wolverine is introduced to the comics world. 

Note: Wolverine first appeared in the last page of the previous comic, #180, which was also penciled by Trimpe.

Special comics by Herb include Incredible Hulk #140 where Hulk meets Jarella, and Incredible Hulk #124, the Bruce Banner and Betty Ross wedding attempt that got spoiled by the Rhino and the Leader.

Incredible Hulk #160, where Hulk fights the Tiger Shark in the Niagara Falls, is a favorite of mine, one of the first Hulk comics I ever had.

Rest in Peace, Herbe Trimpe. And THANKS for your legacy.



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