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Incredible Hulk (1968 series) #160 Comic Book

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Betty Ross, Hulk, Sub-Mariner, Thunderbolt Ross, Tiger Shark.


Nightmare In Niagara Falls!

Date of Publication
February 1973
Cover Price

Our Rating:
3.5 stars


Steve Englehart
Herb Trimpe
Sal Trapani
Herb Trimpe
Cover Penciler
Sal Trapani
Cover Inker
John Costanza

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

After leaping for a while through the countryside, Hulk makes a stop to think how to reach the Niagara Falls, the spot Glenn Talbot chose for honeymoon with his newly wed wife, Betty Ross. Unfortunately for Talbot, Hulk wants Betty to be with him.

Calm surroundings turn Hulk into Bruce Banner who believes Betty is in danger, and reaching the nearest city, hires a pilot, Spad McKraken to take him to the Niagara Falls.

But as they arrive, Bruce loses his cool and turns into the Hulk who jumps out of the plane, diving into the falls.

When Talbot finds out the Hulk is there, he calls Thunderbolt Ross who asks Talbot to take Betty away, and sends in the Armed Forces.

Meanwhile, Hulk is attacked by the Tiger Shark, an amphibious super villain who hid in the falls in fear of the Sub-Mariner whose father he had killed.

After struggling a bit, Hulk knocks his enemy down, right when fighter planes arrive to attack him. In dire need to find Betty, Hulk avoids the new fight and escapes by making a tunnel in the rock, coming out several miles away, to pursue his search for Betty!

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