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Incredible Hulk
Name: Hulk
Full Name: Robert Bruce Banner
Aliases: For Hulk: Green King, Green Scar, Holku, Sakaarson, Green One, Eye of Rage, World Breaker, Harkanon, Haarg, Once-Savage, Two-Minds, Captain Universe, Professor, War, Maestro, Joe Fixit, Mr. Fixit, Annihilator, Mechano; "Two-Hands", "Greenskin", "Mr. Green", "Jade Jaws", "Green Goliath", "Jade Giant", "Gray Goliath", "Mighty Bob", "Anti-Hulk", "Friday", "Green Golem", "Golem".

For Banner: Bruce Barnes, Bruce Smith, Glenn Summers, Ross Oppenheimer, Bob Danner, Bruce Ross, Bruce Jones, Bruce Roberts, Mr. Bergen, Bruce Franklin, Bruce Green, Bruce Bancroft, Bruce Baxter, Bruce Davidson, David Bannon, Robert Blake, Bruce Bixby, David Banner, David Bixby, plus numerous other aliases to disguise identity.
Place of Birth: Dayton, Ohio (United States)
Identity: Publicly known
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States, wanted for crimes (several past pardons)
Marital Status: Widowed, twice (first spouse: Betty Ross, second spouse: Caiera).
Height: 7' (2.13 meters)
Weight: 1040 lbs (472 kilograms)
Eye Color: Brown as Banner. Green as the Hulk.
Hair Color: Brown as Banner. Black or dark green as the Hulk
Occupation: Currently a scientist (Doc Green) working at the Beehive. Former warrior, ruler of planet Sakaar, rebel leader, gladiator/slave, adventurer; nuclear physicist, mechanic, leader of the Pantheon, enforcer, research scientist, stable hand, banker, ship's crewman, farmhand, steelworker, assistant at special needs children's school, waiter, dishwasher, carnival worker, ore miner, construction worker, janitor, coal miner.
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk (1962 series) #1 (May 1962)
Known Relatives: Betty Ross (first wife, deceased but revived), Caiera the Oldstrong (second wife, deceased), Brian Banner (father, deceased), Rebecca Walters (mother, deceased), Bruce (paternal grandfather, presumed deceased), unidentified paternal grandmother (presumed deceased), Susan (maternal grandmother, presumed deceased), William Morris Walters (uncle), Elaine Banner Walters (aunt, deceased), Susan Elizabeth Banner (formerly Susan Drake; paternal aunt, possibly deceased), Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk, cousin), Thaddeus E. Thunderbolt Ross (father-in-law)
Group Affiliations: As Hulk: Warbound; formerly Defenders, Order, Apocalypse's Horsemen, Secret Defenders, alternate Fantastic Four, Pantheon, Titans Three, Avengers, Hulkbusters of Franklin Richards' Counter-Earth. As Banner: Formerly the Hulkbusters.
Education: Ph.D. in nuclear physics and two other fields.
Incredible Hulk

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